India'Police ignore instructions, more complaints in Thiruvananthapuram district'; P Sathi Devi

‘Police ignore instructions, more complaints in Thiruvananthapuram district’; P Sathi Devi


  • State Women’s Commission criticizes police
  • Ignoring police instructions.
  • Most complaints are received from Thiruvananthapuram district.

Kozhikode: The state women’s commission criticized the police. Commission chairperson P Sathi Devi alleged that the police were ignoring the instructions given. In the present situation the jurisdiction of the Commission should be increased. They also clarified that the amendment of the law is necessary for this.

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The Women’s Commission receives most of its complaints from Thiruvananthapuram district. Wayanad has the lowest number of complaints. The problem related to dowry is acute in the state. The problem of dowry is acute not only in South Kerala but also in North Kerala. Some recent events show that even love is turning into male-dominated aggression. P Sathi Devi, chairperson of the women’s commission, said that anti-feminism is becoming more violent among the youth.

Anti-feminist thinking is growing in the state. The problem solving cell will be made more efficient, including in the media. A draft guideline has been prepared for the media to ensure feminist thinking, equality and a women-friendly environment. The report will be submitted to the government, she added.

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The Green Commission will look into the issue at the Women’s Commission sitting on the 11th. Sathi Devi said that appropriate action will be taken after getting information from the complainants. She made this clear at the Meet the Press organized by the Kozhikode Press Club after taking charge as the chairperson of the Women’s Commission.

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