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Poland worries about the risk of war when Russia-NATO negotiations reach a ‘dead end’

“During the past 30 years, perhaps now the risk of war in the OSCE region is greater than ever.”

At a security meeting of 57 countries taking place in Vienna (Austria) on January 13, Poland’s foreign minister said that Europe was closest to the brink of war in 30 years.

Russia earlier said that diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions over Ukraine were reaching a dead end

After the meeting, the US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said the West should prepare for the possibility of further escalation of tensions with Moscow, and that “the battle drum is resounding”.

The relationship between Russia and NATO and the US is nearing the “line” of war when the two sides have yet to find a common voice.

Also on Wednesday, Russian snipers took part in a training exercise near the border with Ukraine shortly after a tank exercise ended the day before.

Russia denies accusations of planning an invasion of Ukraine. Moscow requires the West to ensure security, including banning Ukraine from joining NATO and not continuing to expand the military alliance towards Russia.


These requests are considered unacceptable by the US.

In an interview on Russian television, the Deputy Foreign Minister said that Russia always prioritizes diplomacy, but at the same time President Vladimir Putin is also preparing plans for worse cases.

“We cannot retreat anymore. We may find that there will be other measures, other actions against the other party if they do not ultimately take our demands and interests seriously.”

Late on January 13, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a press conference at the White House that the US stands ready to respond to any aggression by Russia.

“The United States and our allies and partners are ready for any eventuality. We are ready for the next steps in good faith diplomacy. But we are also ready to respond if Russia acts. And more than that, all we can do is get ready, and we’re ready.”

Russia said it would decide on its next move after this week’s talks. But the pessimism expressed by Russian officials has raised doubts about the possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough at this time – one of the most tense moments in East-West relations since the end of the Cold War. .