WorldPODCAST | Miguel Nicolelis: “We have to fight two viruses”

PODCAST | Miguel Nicolelis: “We have to fight two viruses”

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In the tenth episode of the podcast Front diary, Miguel Nicolelis analyzes the emergence of the delta variant, first detected in India, and explains why it discourages triumphant rhetoric about the end of the pandemic, both in the world and in Brazil. “The pandemic has not ended, neither in the world nor in Brazil. We are in the third wave, but we do not know which path it will take: if it will grow exponentially, if it will grow linearly or if it will be aborted by the acceleration of vaccination”, says the scientist, who regrets the diffusion of what he calls it “refined negationism” in several countries, which preaches a return to normal life and major events, such as Europe and the Olympics, as if the virus was no longer circulating. In the program, Nicolelis announces that he ends his activities at Duke, North Carolina, as an emeritus professor, to dive into a new way of doing science in Brazil.

The front’s diary it has an executive production by Marina Miranda and production and soundtrack by Cacau Guarnieri. Missed the latest episodes? See all here.

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