WorldPM's plane reached Washington after decades without stopping in Germany

PM’s plane reached Washington after decades without stopping in Germany

The PM left for the US on an Air India flight on Wednesday. The plane did not land in Frankfurt City, Germany and went straight to America.

New Delhi. PM Narendra Modi is currently in the US to attend the Quad conference and address the United Nations General Assembly. The PM left for the US on Wednesday on an Air India plane.

Decades later, such an occasion came when the PM’s plane took off from New Delhi and landed in Frankfurt City of Germany and reached America directly. It is worth noting that earlier, during such a long journey, the plane had to land in Germany to get fuel, but this time the PM reached America directly.

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VVIP aircraft bought for 4500 crores

With the help of PM Modi’s state-of-the-art Air India One aircraft, a long journey of about 15 hours can be done. This journey is nonstop. This aircraft was recently inducted. This VVIP aircraft of Air India was bought for 4500 crores or more. This aircraft has the capability to fly long distances without stopping. Despite flying long distances, this aircraft does not require refueling.

Indian airspace used

PM’s plane used Pakistan airspace on Wednesday. Earlier, Indian airspace was used during the visit of Pakistan PM Imran Khan to Sri Lanka. This is PM Modi’s second time when he took off in a new Air India One aircraft. Earlier he had gone to Bangladesh by this plane in the month of March this year.


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