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PM Modi US Visit: Foreign Minister Jayashankar’s meeting canceled, France absent from meeting due to AUKUS

Own report: The India-France-Australia tripartite ministerial meeting scheduled for the UN General Assembly has been canceled. This meeting is thought to have been canceled due to AUKUS. AUKUS, a tripartite security agreement between Australia, Britain and the United States, has caused problems with Australia.

The meeting was scheduled to be attended by Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. But after the creation of AUKUS, a defense agreement between France and Australia was canceled. It is believed that France canceled the meeting after that.

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On the first day of the visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet US President Joe Biden on Friday after meeting with one of the most important CEOs of the US, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US Vice President Kamala Harris. The third day of the visit will focus on the bilateral meeting between India and the United States of America. The one-hour meeting will be followed by a Quad Summit between Japan, Australia and the United States of America and India.

The Quad Summit is set to take place within a month of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. As a result, the United States will try to set its own geopolitical goals through this meeting. With the formation of AUKUS, the United States has indirectly explained that they have already begun work to prevent the spread of Chinese dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

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