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PM Modi said we will free Bengal from the 70 years of destruction in 5 year

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a rally in Kharagur, West Bengal. On this occasion, PM attacked fiercely on Mamata’s government.

Modi said at the Kharagpur rally, “You have seen destruction by Congress and the Left. TMC ruined your dreams. In the last 70 years, you gave opportunities to everyone but give us 5 years, we will free Bengal from the 70 years of destruction, we will sacrifice our lives for you”

PM said to Mamta – Wherever there are BJP governments in the states, the central and BJP state governments are engaged in the service of Janta-Janardan with the power of double engine. We are working with the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Viswas.

Today, Didi is talking about ten ‘Ongikars‘. Oh Didi, the people of Bengal gave you an opportunity to serve for ten years, but you gave them ten years full of loot and loot. You gave him 10 years of corruption, you gave him 10 years of misrule.

The PM further said – The Constitution made by Babasaheb has given freedom of vote to every Indian. But in Bengal, Mamta didi has been snatching your power to vote, has been looting. The world has seen the way Didi crushed your rights in the 2018 Panchayat elections.