IndiaPM Modi News: PM Modi comes to Parliament like a gladiator, why...

PM Modi News: PM Modi comes to Parliament like a gladiator, why did Mahua Moitra of TMC say this?

new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi enters the House with folded hands as the Lok Sabha session begins at 11 am on March 14, 2022, the first day of the second phase of the budget session. The camera focuses on them, everyone stands in honour, tables are thumped, Bharat Mata Ki Jai chants and Modi-Modi resonates. This is often heard in the rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Some foreign guests were also coming to the house that day, they were also stunned as to what was happening. The speaker keeps smiling and ‘Modi-Modi’ keeps on reverberating for about 60 seconds. After some time the PM greeted everyone with folded hands. When Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra got the opportunity to speak in the Lok Sabha, she surrounded the government by linking the slogan of ‘Modi-Modi’ with the dignity of the House. He taunted that the BJP has made Parliament the ‘Colosseum of Rome’, where the Prime Minister comes like a ‘Gladiator’.

what is colosseum, what is gladiator
The historical Colosseum of Rome is very famous all over the world. Its construction is believed to be in 70 AD. It is a magnificent specimen of ancient Rome architecture. This oval-shaped place used to be like a theater or say a stadium at that time, where entertainment programs and gladiator fights (sword fight) were held under the open sky and people enjoyed. When Mahua was speaking in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, she compared the scene of March 14 with the same Gladiator and Colosseum.

Gladiators used to fight with tigers in this stadium. There used to be bloody battles between warriors for entertainment. It is estimated that 5 lakh animals and 10 lakh people died in similar demonstrations and battles for entertainment here. Roman loved this game very much. Later it was closed. Now this historical building is in front of us only in ruins due to earthquake and stone theft. UNESCO has included it in the list of World Heritage.

BJP people were in enthusiasm that day
It was the first day of Parliament after the BJP’s thumping victory in the assembly elections in four states. The BJP MPs were very enthusiastic and as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the Lok Sabha, the BJP members started shouting ‘Modi, Modi’. With the BJP having a majority in the Parliament, the voice was also resonating strongly. The opposition did not like such sloganeering. Mahua Moitra, while participating in the discussion in the House, referred to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s statement in Parliament in 1972. On Tuesday, he said, ‘Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said in Parliament in 1972 that the atmosphere of New Delhi is suffocating these days. It is difficult to breathe freely in it. Between morning and night praise of a prime minister on All India Radio, propaganda running on the screen of the cinema, how can people sitting in the opposition fight it.

Moitra said, “It is perhaps the biggest tragedy of India that the party which was led by Vajpayee ji as Prime Minister, is today headed by the government which has made this Parliament the Colosseum of Rome of the first century.” Where the honorable Prime Minister comes like a gladiator amidst the slogans of ‘Modi-Modi’.

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BJP’s attack, country is proud of gladiators like Modi
BJP retaliated on Mahua’s statement. BJP MP from Assam Rajdeep Roy, without naming Mahua Moitra, said that the prime minister was called a ‘gladiator’ who used to be a sword-fighting warrior in the then Roman Empire. He said that the word was used in the House in a negative way for the Prime Minister, but the whole country is proud of a gladiator like Modi who has brought people from abroad, from place to place in the world, for their countrymen. Worked like a gladiator to deliver the anti-Covid vaccine.

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Have you seen the movie?
In the year 2000, a film has also been made under the name Gladiator, which received the Academy Award and the film was well-liked all over the world. The story of this film is woven around the Roman Empire. In this, Russell Crowe was well-liked in the role of Gladiator. Now the BJP is presenting it in a positive way when the Prime Minister is called a gladiator.