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PM Modi Ganga Snan: Whoever takes a dip in the Ganges, only Modi ji will be seen on TV… Rahul Gandhi took a pinch


  • Pictures of PM Modi’s Ganga bath in Kashi went viral
  • Rahul’s taunt, whoever takes a bath in the Ganges, Modi is seen on TV
  • Allegation- There is power of some capitalists, which has been handed over to the media.

New Delhi
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taken a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s live telecast of Ganga bath alone. He said that if anyone takes a bath in the Ganges, he cannot come on TV, but if the Prime Minister takes a bath in the Ganges alone, the whole of India watches. Rahul alleged that behind this is the power of 2-3 capitalists. They have captured these cameras.

On December 13, there was a stir in Varanasi for the inauguration of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor. People from all over the country watched PM Modi’s programs on TV from morning till evening. During this, the PM had also bathed in the Ganges alone. Later, he tweeted while sharing the picture.

On Tuesday, when the opposition took out a march from Parliament House to Vijay Chowk in protest against the suspension of 12 MPs, Rahul made a scathing attack on the government. Rahul said that the Prime Minister and the Chairman are the implementers… Just like in Hinduism, there is the power of Durga, there is the power of Lakshmi, in the same way it is the power of the capitalists. They are masks.

Rahul said that yesterday you saw the Prime Minister, he went to the river Ganges and took a bath. He is the implementer of Shakti. Simple si baat hai, these powers who expelled these people (suspended MPs), who want to steal farmers’ income, hand over all the cameras and media to the Prime Minister.

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Rahul alleged that this power says that no one else’s face will come in the media, no other leader’s face will come, only your face will come. Anyone who takes a bath in the Ganges cannot come on TV, but if the Prime Minister alone takes a bath in the Ganges, then the whole of India will see because behind the Prime Minister there is power of 2-3 capitalists. And they have captured these cameras and made these people, who are the voices of the people, taken them out of Parliament and made them sit near the Gandhi statue. This is the truth, the farmers and the whole country has to recognize this truth.

Said on Lakhimpur case – they will not allow discussion
Responding to a question on Lakhimpur issue, Rahul said that we will raise the issue of Lakhimpur in Parliament, but will not allow it to be raised. We two, our two… These four people will not let you lift. There will be no discussion on Lakhimpur Kheri, Farmer, China. No… how will it happen? Rahul further said that when those people ran the jeep on the farmers, what was the power behind them? Who gave the discount? Which power kept him out of jail till today? It is the same power that got these people out of Parliament.

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