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PM Mikati calls on Kurdahi to take a stance that preserves Lebanon’s interest in crisis with Saudi Arabia

AA / Beirut

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Thursday called on Information Minister George Kordahi to adopt a position that “preserves the interest of Lebanon” regarding the crisis with Saudi Arabia.

This is what emerges from a press conference in the capital, Beirut, after two separate meetings with the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri.

Mikati said: “While we were in the process of finalizing the discussions on the modalities of the return of the meetings of the Ministerial Council, the government was subjected to a new test, the most difficult, due to the personal positions taken by the Minister. Minister of Information, before taking office “.

And to add: “but that (the positions of the minister) brought Lebanon to a situation of boycott by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab States of the Gulf”.

He added: “We will restore relations with Saudi Arabia, until they return to normal, and I call on the Minister of Information to adopt a position which preserves the interests of Lebanon and of the Lebanese”.

The Lebanese Prime Minister said: “we will work, in cooperation with all supporters, to reverse decisions, in a way that restores Lebanese relations with their natural Arab environment”.

He reiterated his call for Kurdahi “to listen to his conscience, to assess the circumstances, to take the position that should be taken and to prioritize the national interest over populist slogans”.

Mikati also affirmed: “I bet on his patriotic sense to gauge the situation and the interest of the Lebanese, inside and outside, and not to distress and disperse the government, so that it is not more able to produce and work, while wasting more time ”.

He stressed that “these are the priorities of the solution and the natural roadmap to get out of the crisis”, without specifying whether his aim was for the minister to present his resignation.

Najib Mikati also declared that “the Council of Ministers is the natural place to discuss all the files and questions which concern the government, far from diktats, challenges, uproar and the use of the language of threats and ‘intimidation”.

It should be noted that the meetings of the Council of Ministers have been suspended for about a month, against the backdrop of requests to relinquish the judicial investigator in the case of the explosion of the port of Beirut, followed by the emergence of the crisis. with the Gulf countries.

For the Lebanese Prime Minister, “those who believe that obstructing and raising political ceilings is a solution are wrong, and everyone must be convinced that no party can reduce the country and the people in its person. , with a decision linked to unshakable national constants “.

“Anyone who thinks they can lead the Lebanese towards choices far removed from their history, their Arab environment and their close relations at all levels with the Arab countries, the Gulf countries and with Saudi Arabia in particular” has- he added, without naming a specific part.

Najib Mikati felt that “the country is not run in the language of defiance and arrogance, but rather through a common discourse that brings the Lebanese together and unites them in the same book to save their homeland, and whoever thinks to be able to impose one’s opinion by force, by disturbance and by verbal escalation on the pulpits, is seriously mistaken “.

Opinions intensified, amid the anger of the Gulf countries at Minister Kurdahi’s statements regarding the war in Yemen.

Prior to his appointment as minister on September 20, Kurdahi said in a television interview recorded in August and broadcast on October 25 that the Houthis in Yemen “were defending themselves against attacks from Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates. United”.

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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