IndiaPlanned move to humiliate Kerala; CM responds to Kitex Sabu

Planned move to humiliate Kerala; CM responds to Kitex Sabu


  • The allegation is baseless
  • Raises isolated issues and creates problems
  • Attempt to break forward

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the allegation of Kitex MD Sabu M Jacob that Kerala is not investment friendly is a deliberate move to humiliate Kerala as a whole.

Kerala is known as an investment friendly state. But the allegation is now unfounded. The CM also said that isolated issues should not hinder the industrial development of the state. The CM said that such moves would only help to disrupt the progress of the country. The Chief Minister’s response was at a press conference after the Covid review meeting.

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Everyone has a responsibility to obey the law and the rules. Complaints will be investigated. It should not be seen as hunting. This government is not ready to hunt anyone down. The CM said that everyone doing business in Kerala is aware of it.

The sending and taking of the aircraft to Kitex will be in the interest of the state of Telangana. They may see it as a good thing that the industry is coming there. But there are serious issues that this raises. The Chief Minister said that a lot of unsubstantiated issues are emerging in the state.


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