IndiaPictures of 40 students and 5 teachers on a pornographic site; ...

Pictures of 40 students and 5 teachers on a pornographic site; Student arrested


  • Student arrested for taking pictures of classmates and teachers
  • The image was shared on a pornographic site.
  • Police said they recorded the student’s arrest.

Thiruvananthapuram: A Plus One student has been arrested for copying a picture of his classmates and teachers during an online class and sharing it on a pornographic site. The arrest of the child was recorded by the cyber police. Police are yet to release further details as the case is related to a minor.

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An attempt was made on the part of the student to portray the student teachers and students badly after the teacher got into an argument during the online class. The pictures of 40 students and five teachers in the class were copied and shared on a Canadian dating site. During the online class, pictures of students and teachers were taken as screen shots and the site was edited with obscene comments. The mobile number was also included with the comment.

Police said the photos were edited in such a way that the students were sharing their own pictures. This Canadian dating site was kind of easy to contact without giving a name, so it’s easy to share pictures. The police investigation began after the students received extensive phone calls after the pictures reached the site.

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It took a long time to gather the information as it is a kind of site where you can become a member without giving your name. The student was identified after more than two weeks of monitoring incoming calls to the phones of students and teachers. His mobile phone was seized by the police. Evidence of chatting with classmates’ picture was obtained.

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