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PIA Flights: Pakistan was charging higher fares on Kabul-Islamabad route, the Taliban stopped the flight when threatened


  • Pakistan’s state-run airline PIA bans flights to Kabul
  • PIA cited security reasons, said – we had evacuated 3000 people in trouble
  • Taliban had warned about reducing the fare, said that – will stop your service

Pakistan has suspended PIA’s Kabul-Islamabad flight with immediate effect following Taliban threat. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued a statement saying that it is shutting down its operations in Afghanistan due to security reasons. PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan has said that the airline’s operations have been suspended till further orders. A few days ago, the Islamic Emirate government of Afghanistan warned Pakistani airlines against charging arbitrary fares.

PIA flaunts its ‘valor’
A PIA spokesperson clarified that their airline flew to Afghanistan in difficult conditions. When all the rest of the airlines in the world had closed their operations in Kabul, then PIA provided air flight facility to the people. He said the PIA evacuated around 3000 people following the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan. Those brought out of Kabul included officials from the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, other global organizations as well as international journalists.

Pakistan bans flights to Afghanistan for the time being, said- ‘a lot of garbage at Kabul airport’
Taliban warned about rent
Afghanistan’s Taliban government on Thursday warned Pakistan’s PIA and Afghan Kam Air about fares. The Taliban ordered both these airlines to reduce fares on the Kabul-Islamabad route to the previous level. Along with it it was also said that if these airlines do not reduce the fare, then their operations will be closed.

navbharat timesPauper Pakistan’s pauper airline, now PIA will not even provide drinking water to passengers
PIA was charging exorbitant rent from people
Both these airlines are yet to resume normal operations to Kabul. Despite this, they are providing chartered flight service with exorbitant fares to earn profits. A letter from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation asked PIA and Kam Air to bring down airfares for Kabul-Islamabad flights to that level.

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Taliban wrote a letter to PIA
The letter, written in Pashto and Dari languages, was issued by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. This letter was also posted on the official Facebook page of the Afghan Ministry of Aviation. It was said in this letter that prior to the victory of Islamic Emirate, information has been given to PIA and Kam Air Private Company to reduce the fare on the Kabul-Islamabad route. If airlines do not agree to this proposal, their operations on the route will be stopped.


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