EntertainmentPhi Nhung's message about 23 children before she passed away is very...

Phi Nhung’s message about 23 children before she passed away is very emotional

Singer Phi Nhung’s departure has left a lot of grief in the hearts of her fans, friends and colleagues. The social network on September 28, 2021 was filled with pictures and memories of close people sharing about the female singer. In it, supermodel Xuan Lan made a post revealing many emotional things about the voice Cork Cotton.

Pictures taken with the children that Phi Nhung posted before

Phi Nhung's message about 23 children before her death caused great emotion - Photo 2
On her personal page, Xuan Lan posted a poem that singer Phi Nhung gave to frontline doctors, including the sentence “Mom, come back soon”. She also shared that as soon as people called for support to buy ventilators, Phi Nhung immediately donated 1 machine and called on her friends to support more machines. The singer also promised to return to the US on July 5, 2021 to sing and then call for more. Xuan Lan wrote: “She said that her hometown is in the US, so it would be easier to call. But she stayed because Saigon was too hurt. While calling for a ventilator, she still reminded and proud of the nurse’s daughter Wendy.” .
In particular, in this post, Xuan Lan also revealed a screenshot of the message Phi Nhung shared about her children, causing strong emotions, causing many people to shed tears. For details, please watch the video.


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