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Pfizer made corona virus medicine, only one pill can avert 89 percent ‘death’

So far, the vaccine is proving to be the main weapon of doctors to protect against corona. But in the coming time, the medicine of corona virus can also play an important role in this war. On Friday, Pfizer said that its experimental antiviral drug could reduce the risk of hospitalization and death due to Covid-19 in adults by 89 percent. Corona medicine is currently given through injection in America, but Pfizer’s medicine is easy to use.

Earlier, Pfizer’s competitor Merck claimed to manufacture the drug of Covid-19. Britain has also approved Merck’s drug for emergency use. Merck’s drug is the first pill for the corona virus in the world. Pfizer claims its pill is more effective than Merck’s. The company may also release the results of its final tests soon. These claims have pushed up Pfizer’s share price overnight.
Regarding Pfizer vaccine, the company said, will not be available for children till November
Medicine to be taken twice a day
Shares of Pfizer have risen 13 percent to $49.47. At the same time, Merck’s share price is down 6 percent to 84.69 percent. However, both the companies have not provided their trial data. The company said that this pill, named Paxlovid, has to be given to the patient twice a day. An application has been sent to the US Food and Drug Administration for approval for its emergency use.

Side Effects But Ratio Very Low
Some side effects of the pill have also been reported, although the proportion is very low. The search for a drug for Covid-19 is going on around the world. So that deaths due to the deadly disease can be prevented and the number of patients admitted to the hospital can be reduced. On Friday, Pfizer reported on the pill while releasing the preliminary results of its study. 775 adults were included in this study.

Pfizer Pill

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