IndiaPetrol and diesel are not good for the environment; Dependence on...

Petrol and diesel are not good for the environment; Dependence on crude oil imports should be reduced: Nitin Gadkari


  • Alternative systems should be used instead of fuels
  • Lithium-ion batteries will be used in electric vehicles
  • India will be number one in battery manufacturing

New Delhi: Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has called on India to reduce its dependence on crude oil imports. He said petrol and diesel were not good for the environment. He demanded an alternative system for fuels. The minister was speaking at a meeting organized by the International Wish Federation.

There is no need to tell the people of Delhi about the environmental problems caused by the use of petrol and diesel. At present, India imports over Rs 8 lakh crore worth of petrol and diesel. He said if the current system continues, it will increase to Rs 25 lakh crore in the next five years.

Maximum 40 km when traveling with children; Helmets and seat belts are mandatory
Gadkari called on automakers to show interest in building vehicles that can run on fuels, including ethanol, to reduce crude oil imports.

In the field of public transport, alternatives to fuels will be implemented soon. Lithium-ion batteries will be used in electric vehicles. About 80 percent of batteries are made in the United States. But in the next six months, he added, 100 per cent will be made in India.

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Meanwhile, the Central Government has issued a draft notification to amend the law relating to the safety of children traveling in two-wheelers. Helmets are also mandatory for young children to ensure safe travel on two-wheelers. Helmets are mandatory for children between the ages of nine months and four years. Earlier, children under the age of four were not considered adult passengers.

Helmets must be worn in accordance with BIS standards. Helmets for cycling can also be used. In addition to the helmet, the notification states that a child must be fastened with a seat belt to a two-wheeler driver when traveling with children under the age of four.

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