WorldPeru: Resignation of the Minister of Defense

Peru: Resignation of the Minister of Defense

AA / Sinan Dogan

Peruvian Defense Minister Walter Ayala on Sunday announced his “irrevocable” resignation following disagreements with the government over controversial promotions within the armed forces.

“I took a legal, fair and reliable approach in the process of promotion and succession of the military. I take full political responsibility for it. Therefore, as a Democrat, I irrevocably resign from the Ministry of Defense. Thank you, President Pedro Castillo. Enough of political politics! ” he said on Twitter.

Ayala said he encountered obstacles while trying to perform his duties in politics.

On November 8, he said he had come under pressure during the promotion of senior military commanders and the dismissal of army and air force commanders and expressed his wish to resign to Pedro Castillo.

Ayala was appointed Minister of Defense on October 7, following the resignation of Prime Minister Guido Bellido and his cabinet.

Castillo was sworn in as president on July 28.

* Translated from English by Mourad Belhaj

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