WorldPerseverance rover back to work after Mars solar conjunction, NASA tweeted photo

Perseverance rover back to work after Mars solar conjunction, NASA tweeted photo

US space agency NASA has shared the first picture taken from its Perseverance rover after the Mars Solar Conjunction. NASA had lost contact with this rover on Mars for some time due to solar conjuncture. Two weeks after this incident, the Perseverance rover sent a new image of Mars to NASA’s command center for the first time. These pictures taken with the camera of the Perseverance rover were tweeted by NASA a few days ago.

NASA’s Perseverance rover tweeted
In this tweet, NASA’s Perseverance rover wrote that I am back at work, standing between these two beautiful outcarps. I am also doing some imaging, weather studies, chemistry experiments and a software update. This rover is being operated from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory located in Southern California.

Jezero Crater exploration resumes
This six-wheeled robot stationed on the Red Planet has once again started exploring the Jezero Crater of Mars. It is a crater spread over an area of ​​45 km on the land of Mars. Billions of years ago Jezero Crater used to be a lake. Later this lake dried up and became a crater. NASA scientists are now exploring this pit.

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Rover searching for water in Jezero crater
The Perseverance rover collected rock samples on Mars that may hold answers to important questions about the existence of life. The rock samples taken by the rover at Jezero Crater were formed due to the solidification of volcanic lava. Scientists believe that when there was water in Jajero, it must have gone into its inner layers and it is possible that after the water dried up, only salt remained there.

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What is Mars Solar Conjunction
The phenomenon of Mars Solar Conjunction is caused by the coming of the Sun between Earth and Mars. The Sun continues to emit hot ionized gas from its corona. This gas emanating from the Sun during Mars Solar Conjunction hinders communication between spacecraft. For this reason, the command center on Earth was cut off from the Perseverance rover for a few days. The Mars Solar Conjunction happens once every two years.