People's mind was confused to tell the real color of this cap,...

People’s mind was confused to tell the real color of this cap, do you have the right answer?

Many people were surprised after watching this video.

New Delhi:

As soon as the winter season comes, people start looking for their warm clothes. Now if someone has to go out of the house in the cold, then how can he forget his hat. But these days a very strange type of cap has remained the trap of the people. The topi whose video has surfaced has actually turned off the lights of people’s minds. Actually the issue is that no one is able to tell its true color. Because at first sight it looks maroon, but after a while the color of this topi starts to change.

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In the video that has been shared on social media, at first the color of this cap looks maroon. But the surprising thing is that in a short time the color of the cap suddenly starts changing. Eventually, the color of this cap turns green. Through the video, he tried to explain why there is so much importance of lighting in the clothing showroom. It is clear from this that even the color of clothes can be changed with it.

Watch the video here-

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Even after watching this video, people are not able to guess what is the actual color of the cap. Although some people are definitely engaged in hitting you. But no one’s answer is also looking satisfactory. After watching the video, you must be thinking what is the color of the cap. This video has been shared by content creator Otelia Carmen on Insta. Since then, this video has become the reason for the interest of the people.