WorldPentagon talks to China's military for the first time under Biden

Pentagon talks to China’s military for the first time under Biden

US-China relations during a very tense time because of many issues such as Taiwan, Xinjiang and Chinese military activities in the South China Sea.
However, the US military still manages to keep lines of communication open with its Chinese counterparts to prevent potential outbreaks or respond to incidents.
Last week, Mr. Michael Chase, deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, spoke with Major General Hoang Tuyet Binh, deputy director of the Chinese military’s Office of International Military Cooperation in the form of an online video. .
Both sides agree on the importance of maintaining open communication channels between the militaries of the world’s two largest economies.
US officials say Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has yet to speak with his Chinese counterpart in part because there is still a dispute over who exactly is his counterpart.
On August 26, Vice President Kamala Harris affirmed that although the US welcomes competition and does not want to cause conflict with Beijing, the US will still speak out on many issues such as the East Sea.

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