WorldPentagon Spokesperson Kirby said the F-35 meeting in Ankara was very productive.

Pentagon Spokesperson Kirby said the F-35 meeting in Ankara was very productive.

Kirby answered questions from journalists at his daily press conference.

AA correspondent said, “Can you give some more details about the meeting in Ankara? What were the topics of the meeting and USA with Turkey Kirby, on the question of what exactly is the disagreement between

“I will not characterize this as a disagreement. We believe that Turkey (F-35) was a discussion about the completion of the expulsion from the program and what it means for the future of bilateral relations. So it was a very productive meeting. It is professional in tone.

Turkey is still a valuable country where we have many common interests. NATO is an ally. We want to continue to work with Turkey on common security interests from an alliance perspective.”

Noting that the meeting was only about Turkey’s removal from the F-35 program, Kirby said, “This does not mean that we will not try to find ways to work closely with Turkey bilaterally.” said.

“It is important to have talks with Turkey on how to move forward”

Reminding that Turkey’s F-16 demand is important not only for national security, but also for NATO security, Kirby was asked whether the USA believes that a strong Turkish Air Force is important for NATO, Kirby said about the USA’s military sales. He would not comment but replied that Turkey is an important and valuable NATO ally.

“It is important to have discussions with Turkey about how to move forward in the context of our alliance bilateral security relationship, and we will continue to do so,” Kirby said. made its assessment.

When asked about Turkey’s possible operation against the YPG/PKK terrorist organization in Syria, Kirby said that he would not comment on this issue and that they continue to cooperate with the YPG/PKK, which uses the name SDG, in Syria “specifically and only within the scope of the fight against DAESH.”

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