Penguins had a lot of fun with each other on the ice,...

Penguins had a lot of fun with each other on the ice, people were laughing a lot watching the video…watch funny video

Social media users are very much liked by this video.

New Delhi:

Who doesn’t like to have fun? Now whether it is human or animal, whenever they get a chance to have fun, they enjoy it fiercely. These days a funny video of Penguin is going viral on social media, seeing which you will surely remember your fun days. Social media users are very fond of this video related to Penguins, in which a penguin standing on the iceberg, looking at the sea, his friend pushes him into the water from behind.

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This video has been shared on social media by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda. Sharing the video, Sushant Nanda wrote the caption – We all must have had such a friend in school. So far this video has got more than 22.2K views. People have also given funny reactions on this video. One user wrote that after watching this video everyone will be laughing. At the same time, another user has written – Not only in school, you often meet such people in the work place too.

Watch the video here-

In this video, it can be seen that standing on the frozen ice in the middle of the sea, a penguin is looking carefully at the sea, when suddenly one of his friends comes after him and pushes him into the water. After pushing the friend, when the penguin is standing on the iceberg, another penguin comes from behind and pushes him into the water. After that this cycle continues like this. This video is so funny that it is reminding people of their childhood days.