IndiaPegasus leak: 14 world leaders on list, including French president

Pegasus leak: 14 world leaders on list, including French president

Paris: More information on phone leaks using Pegasus is out. According to the latest information, the information of 14 world leaders, including the French President Emmanuel Macron, has been leaked.

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Notable among them are prominent world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. It is reported that the numbers of 10 prime ministers have been leaked. According to international media reports, diplomats from 34 countries, military leaders and senior politicians are on the watch list.

In addition to Macron, key members of his government were reportedly leaked. “We found these numbers, but we could not do a technical analysis of Emmanuel Macron’s phone,” Laurent Richard, a French journalist, told LCI Television.

Yesterday, it was reported that the information of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was leaked. It is reported that the details of more people who have been subjected to phone theft may be released today. The opposition’s move is to intensify protests on the issue.

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Activists, journalists and politicians around the world are among the victims.

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