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Pedri’s precocity

Thiago and Luis Enrique comfort Pedri after the elimination of Spain.Andy Rain / AP

Pedro González López (Tegueste, 18 years old) burst into tears at Wembley because he will not be able to play in the final of the European Championship on Sunday. After Laporte, he has been the Spanish outfield player with the most minutes (629 out of 630), he is the one who has traveled the most kilometers (76.1) and also the most reliable in passing (421 out of 461) and yet still he asks for the ball and wants to be part of the Olympic team that goes to Tokyo against the criteria of Barça and the recommendation of Pep Guardiola.

Pedri likes football so much that he will go to play in Japan, because that is where there are games and not friendlies, and then he will rejoin Barcelona. Used to recovering quickly, he does not need to rest or think about vacations, he is content to stop by his parents’ lunch house in Tegueste. The echo of his performance in the European Championship encourages him to persevere after a dream season since he arrived at the Camp Nou and in training he convinced Ronald Koeman. The plan in August was to give in to Pedri. Now he is the protagonist even in The Times.

The newspaper analyzes the player’s dominance of the space-time relationship: “He hardly runs, his rhythm magically freezes the game around him, like a montage slow-motion“, He says before praising his” mental speed “and ability to” see the spaces before they open, know what to do before receiving the ball and pass it as naturally as breathing. ” Pedri was the quintessential team player in a tournament disfigured and grateful to innovative teams like Spain.

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He appears as a modern footballer who is inspired by the classics for making the best and fastest decision at all times, just as blessed by the sensations as by the data, half artist and half athlete, supportive and precise also when it is necessary to filter the Leather, the best interpreter of the association and position game that is structured from triangles like the one that Busquets-Pedri-Olmo formed against Italy. The canary has been the meeting point for fans of a country divided and conditioned by Barça-Madrid.

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It is not strange, therefore, that Pedri’s performance and way of being refer to a footballer like Andrés Iniesta. The coach Luis Enrique even affirmed: “What Pedri has done at the age of 18 I have not seen even Iniesta do.” The manchego has been the source of inspiration for the canary, they participate in the same football theory developed in La Masia and function as a nexus of the internationals in the selection precisely because of their origin, human quality and sense of the game, always so at the service of the collective that is He reproaches them for the lack of a shot and a goal. Pedri did not even shoot at goal, while Iniesta’s goals were always as selective as they were decisive if you remember those from Stamford Bridge and Johannesburg.

However, the age at which they have transpired is different for both: Iniesta arrived at Barça at 12 years of age, combined the subsidiary with the first team when he was 18 and 19, finally reached the Camp Nou at 20 and at 22 he was a substitute in the first half of the Champions League final won against Arsenal in 2006. It was also difficult for Xavi Hernández to reach the top. Despite making his debut with Barcelona at 18, he later alternated the Miniestadi with the Camp Nou and did not consolidate until he was 24, after shining as a midfielder with Frank Rijkaard and Luis Aragonés and not as a substitute midfielder for Guardiola.

Today football is going faster than ever and Barça’s economic and sports needs demand bets like Pedri’s. The question is whether he will be able to withstand the pressure after being exalted at the European Championship. Those who know him do not doubt because they understand that his secret is in the cadence of his game, learned in the streets of Tegeste, developed at the UD Las Palmas school, adapted to Barça and verified in a European Championship. No one interpreted the Wembley score better than Pedri.

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