SportsPedri is left without the Classic

Pedri is left without the Classic

Pedri is already training on the pitch, although he is still far from the group.Alejandro García (EFE)

During the renewal act, a historic day according to President Joan Laporta, Pedro González, Pedri (Tegueste, Tenerife; 18 years old) was questioned by Madrid, a club that discarded him after testing him a year before Barcelona took over his services. “I don’t even have to think about that,” replied the Barça interior; “Madrid is our eternal rival, I always want to beat them and I hope we do it now.” The adverb of time already, however, indicated Pedri’s spirit of revenge, since in the previous year it was measured twice with the arch enemy and lost both (1-3 at the Camp Nou and 2-1 at the Bernabéu). Unfortunately for him, it can’t be now, at least with him on the grass.

Pedri explained the same thing to the managers who were interested in his situation on the same day of his renewal. He has met the deadlines for his recovery in the quadriceps of the left leg, but he has not yet been able to join the group sessions, even though he did start running on Monday through the fields of the Sports City. He’s not in pain, but he hasn’t started to touch the ball either. “He wanted to play,” reveals a club worker; “But the coaching staff with Koeman at the head and the doctors have been reluctant because they understand that the best thing is that he recovers and does not relapse from the injury as happened the other time. If that’s the case, the rest of the year could be lost ”. Another source, aware that in the previous year he played 70 games between Barcelona and the Spanish team (also Olympic), adds: “They want to be cautious. It is not such an urgent match after beating Valencia ”.

Although the decision and the inability to participate have left Pedri in a bad shape – also because he lost the League of Nations with Spain – he has understood the saying of dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry. “For now, what he does best and what he likes the most is playing football, but he will not change the season for a game,” say the same sources from the Barça club; “And he knows that next month the Golden Boy will be played, the new prize for the junior Ballon d’Or and, incidentally, Spain’s qualification for the World Cup.” The coach Luis Enrique is clear about it, as he has closely followed his recovery and will count on him in case he is ready. But Madrid, as it seems will happen to Dembélé (he does add sessions with the group but he lacks work and rhythm) and Araujo (he does specific work after suffering three muscle injuries since he debuted last year with the first team), does not reach.

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