WorldPeaceful transfer of power promised in Kabul

Peaceful transfer of power promised in Kabul

The Afghan Interior Ministry announced its intention to start negotiations with the Taliban in Kabul on the transfer of power.

In his video message to Twitter, acting Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said that after the Taliban enter Kabul, negotiations will begin on a peaceful transfer of power.

“As the acting head of the Afghan Interior Ministry, I ordered all security forces, special forces and other states to continue serving in their positions to ensure the safety of the city. The Afghan people need not worry. There is no security threat, ”he said.

Mirzakwal noted that the Taliban will not storm Kabul.

“Power will be transferred to the interim administration peacefully,” he assured. head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And about. Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammed also distributed a video message in which he gave guarantees for the security of Kabul until an agreement is reached.

According to him, President Ashraf Ghani has empowered the political elites to negotiate with the Taliban.

The Afghan Interior Ministry’s announcement helped spread rumors about Ghani’s impending resignation. The president himself has not yet commented on this information.

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