WorldPCR tests of unvaccinated people in TRNC will be paid

PCR tests of unvaccinated people in TRNC will be paid

TRNC Prime Minister Ersan Saner announced the decisions taken after the Council of Ministers convened under the chairmanship of President Ersin Tatar.

Saner stated that an Executive Committee will be established under the Prime Ministry, in which Famagusta Municipality will also be involved, for 3.5 percent of Covered Maraş, which has been removed from being a military forbidden zone.

Stating that the transfer procedures in Maraş or the status of existing houses and demolished houses are also discussed by the Council of Ministers, Saner said that the Executive Committee to be established will decide on the evaluation of the works to be done in the region.

Saner, within the framework of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, decided that former property owners would come to Maraş with the method of exchange, compensation, return if they accepted to live under the sovereignty of the TRNC, and that the properties of the Cyprus Foundations Administration (EVKAF) in this region would be evaluated by the method of claiming their own property after the examination of the Foundations Office. reported given.

Saner, the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19Drawing attention to the fact that the TRNC affected the whole world seriously, he explained that the TRNC also had its share, but the number of cases began to decrease, and today there are 94 cases, 80 of which are local.

Stating that 172 thousand citizens were vaccinated with a single dose and 145 thousand citizens were given a double dose, Saner said that with the completion of the second dose within 15 days, a total of 217 thousand TRNC citizens will be vaccinated with a double dose.

Saner noted that vaccinated people will be free to enter and exit closed areas, especially government offices, without any procedure, and 3-day PCR or antigen tests will be requested from unvaccinated citizens to enter government offices.

Explaining that the PCR tests of unvaccinated people will be paid, Saner said that with the vaccines to be made, face-to-face training will definitely start in September.

Stating that the daily average of 10-15 thousand tests increased to 25 thousand as of last week, Saner said that there are 70 patients receiving treatment in the Emergency Hospital and 6 patients in the intensive care unit.

Pointing out that they have 45 thousand Sinovac vaccines, Saner said that 35 thousand of 45 thousand doses will be used as a second dose of vaccine.

Support campaign for disaster victims in Turkey

Stating that the fires in Turkey continue and they are deeply saddened by this, Saner said that they always stand by the homeland of Turkey.

Noting that a decision was taken in the Council of Ministers to start a campaign to support the disaster victims, Saner emphasized that they aim to contribute to the TRNC while healing the wounds of the citizens who are suffering from the disasters in Turkey with the savings to be gained.

Stating that the campaign revenues will be shared with the public in a transparent manner, Saner noted that they will transfer their savings to the authorities in Turkey.

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