WorldParliamentary inquiry from CHP regarding student dormitories and university quotas

Parliamentary inquiry from CHP regarding student dormitories and university quotas

In the justification of the research proposal submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly with the signature of Parliamentary Clerk Member and CHP İzmir Deputy Sevda Erdan Kılıç and her deputies, it was stated that the exorbitant rent increases in metropolitan cities and private dormitory fees that compete with house rents increase the importance of dormitories affiliated to the Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK). On the grounds that it is argued that the capacity of the dormitories affiliated to KYK decreased compared to the previous year, it was noted that the capacity of the dormitories under KYK throughout Turkey, which was 698 thousand 289 in 2020, decreased to 696 thousand 966 as of 2021.

Pointing out that there is a decrease in the number of dormitories affiliated to KYK, despite the 8 million 240 thousand 997 university students in Turkey, it was argued that only 18 percent of the students’ housing needs could be met by the state.

Despite the increasing number of university students, there has been no increase in the number and capacity of KYK dormitories since 2016, while the number of private dormitories and foundation dormitories has increased over the years. The number of private dormitories, which was 199, increased to 592 in 2019 and to 2,894 in 2021. The monthly fees of private dormitories with a total capacity of 442 thousand start from 2 thousand liras and increase according to the number of students in the rooms and the dormitory facilities.” statements were included.

In the justification, it was stated that instead of increasing the capacity by placing additional beds in the rooms in the state dormitories, new dormitories should be built by increasing the institution’s budget.

In the reasoning, it was mentioned that the fact that students do not prefer some universities and departments is one of the most striking problems of education life, “The number of students who preferred 1280 departments was below 10, while it was seen that no students preferred 169 departments. While it was seen that 9 foundation universities could not fill even half of their quota The table showed that the policy of ‘university in every city’ collapsed, and most universities were ‘signboard universities’. The number of universities reached 207, but it was noted that Turkey’s higher education future is not bright and there is no light for the future.” it was said.

In this context, it was requested to open a parliamentary inquiry in order to examine and investigate the dormitory and accommodation problem of university students and why the university quotas are not filled, and to determine the measures to be taken in order to prevent the dormitory and accommodation problem of the students in the coming years.

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