IndiaParliament Winter Session: More than 6 lakh people left Indian citizenship in...

Parliament Winter Session: More than 6 lakh people left Indian citizenship in last 5 years, maximum application from Pakistan

New Delhi
Over six lakh Indian citizens gave up their citizenship in the last five years. The government gave this information in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said in a written reply to a question that as per the information available with the Ministry of External Affairs, 1,33,83,718 Indian nationals are residing in other countries. He said that 1,33,049 citizens in 2017, 1,34,561 people in 2018, 1,44,017 people in 2019, 85,248 people in 2020 and 1,11,287 Indian citizens left their citizenship in 2021 till 30 September.

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The Minister of State for Home told the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that similarly in the last five years, 10,645 people applied for Indian citizenship. Of these, it was awarded to 4177. Among those who applied for citizenship, 227 are from America, 7782 from Pakistan, 795 from Afghanistan and 184 from Bangladesh. Minister Rai said that in the year 2016, 1106 people were granted Indian citizenship. At the same time, 817 in 2017, 628 in 2018, 987 in 2019 and 639 in 2020 were given citizenship of the country.

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How many people got Indian citizenship
The most surprising thing is that the maximum number of applications for Indian citizenship came from Pakistan. He said that applications have been received from 227 people from America, 795 from Afghanistan and 184 from Bangladesh for Indian citizenship. Apart from this, while giving information in the house, the government said that 1,106 people were given citizenship in 2016, 818 people in 2017, 628 people in 2018, 987 people in 2019 and 639 people in 2020.