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Pakistani President calls on Taliban to “be able to forgive” to achieve peace in Afghanistan

Pakistani President Arif Alvi gave an interview to Anadolu agency.

– Can we expect peace in Afghanistan in the coming days?

– I hope so, Pakistan hopes.

Pakistan has always maintained a peaceful position. Over the past 40 years, Pakistan has shown only a constructive approach. First of all, we have always said that the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in 1979 should not have taken place. Further, when Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989, we were left face to face with the chaos in this country.

We began to improve relations with Afghanistan, and at that moment the Americans came. Pakistan has reiterated that war is not the way to resolve the conflict. Throughout this time, only Pakistan continued to insist on the absence of a military solution to the conflict.

Countries only realized this after trillions of dollars were spent and hundreds of thousands of people died. Pakistan also lost over 100,000 people and millions of dollars. In this regard, we have every right to say that the world should listen to Pakistan in the matter of achieving peace in Afghanistan.

– What responsibility can Turkey and Pakistan assume for peace in Afghanistan?

– Like all other countries in the region, our countries are also in anticipation today. We are waiting for the situation to stabilize and questions such as who will represent the Afghan people, with whom should we build a dialogue, become clear.

All of this will clear up in a few days. The process was expected to last 6 or 7 months. Even the best experts from those countries that spent billions and trillions of dollars in Afghanistan were of the same opinion. However, what Pakistan was talking about from the very beginning happened, and everyone was surprised. The world community could not understand the essence of the issue and blamed Pakistan for all the sins.

We see that the Afghan people are acting together until there have been reports of great bloodshed. It makes me happy. We are the heirs of the Islamic tradition. The best example of this is the Khudaybi Peace Treaty. I told the Taliban: “If you come to power in Afghanistan, learn to forgive. Follow the example of Nelson Mandela, who brought peace to the region to unite South Africa. ” I am full of hope (in the matter of achieving peace).

– Is there unofficial diplomacy with India?

– The Kashmir issue turned into gangrene due to the fact that India refused to keep its promises when dividing the country. The agreement was as follows: the regions, where the majority of Muslims live, were transferred to Pakistan, and the regions, where the mainly Hindus lived, were transferred to India. Kashmir remained on the sidelines, the decision was made without taking this factor into account. This is the reason for today’s problems.

Pakistan opposes Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. We do not support this, Kashmir should not have been specified in the Indian Constitution. In this regard, Islamabad made a decision: “Kashmir was to be part of Pakistani territory.”

However, by changing Article 35A in its constitution, India has broken the promise made to the inhabitants of Kashmir and disappointed them. Until India changes its mind, Pakistan will not continue dialogue on any topic.

We cannot bargain at the cost of the people’s suffering. This is impossible. Pakistan has its own principles, will not bargain. We adhere to a similar position on the Cyprus issue: we will not bargain.

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