WorldPakistani PM says sanctioning Taliban would help ISIS

Pakistani PM says sanctioning Taliban would help ISIS

AA / Islamabad / Islamuddin Sajid

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned on Monday that sanctioning the Taliban government would help strengthen Daesh in Afghanistan, when the Taliban are best placed to get rid of the terrorist group.

In an interview with British online media “Middle East Eye” and broadcast by Pakistani state television, Imran Khan urged the United States to “pull itself together” and not push Afghanistan to become a haven for terrorists again. .

“It is essential to understand that the world needs to engage in dialogue with Afghanistan, because if it rejects it, I guess there will be hard-line supporters within the Taliban movement, and the country can easily return to the situation that prevailed 20 years ago, which would be a disaster, “he warned.

“What does the United States have to offer after these 20 years? A stable Afghanistan, a government, which can then tackle Daesh,” Khan said, adding: “Believe me, the Taliban are those most able to get rid of Daesh “.

Regarding the demand from Western countries that the Taliban respect the rights of women and girls, including education, Khan said they should give time to the Taliban, as they have already made promises in this regard.

“I am of the opinion that rather than forcing the Taliban to do this or that, since they are committed to give them an education, to allow them to work [dans le respect] of Islamic culture. I think we should not force them, “he said, adding:” I imagine the nature of these people [les Taliban] being what it is, they will resist (those pressures) and that will be counterproductive. “

The Pakistani prime minister reiterated his appeal to the international community to cooperate with the new Taliban government, as sanctioning them would lead to a humanitarian crisis in the country.

* Translated from English by Mourad Belhaj

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