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Pakistan will not attend India’s meeting on Afghanistan, NSA rejects invitation by spewing poison


  • Pakistan will not attend the meeting convened by India on Afghanistan
  • Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf turns down India’s invitation
  • India has invited many countries including Russia, China

Pakistan has refused to attend the meeting convened by India on the situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yusuf has clearly said that he will not attend the meeting to be organized by India on Afghanistan. He spewed venom against India and even told it to spoil the situation in Afghanistan.

Pakistani NSA made rhetoric against India
Moeed Yusuf was asked a question about his visit to India after Pakistan and Uzbekistan signed a protocol on setting up a Joint Security Commission. In response to which the Pakistani NSA said that “I will not go, cannot be a spoiler of peace.”

India invites Pak NSA, meeting in Delhi next month on Afghanistan issue
Pak NSA did not forget to mention Kashmir
Pakistan’s National Security Advisor did not stop here, he again stirred the Kashmir rage after seeing the opportunity like every time. He also made false allegations of human rights violations and state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. He also questioned the silence of the international community accusing India of having an expansionist outlook.

Told India to hinder Pakistan’s peace and progress
He was asked what are the obstacles in the peace and progress of Pakistan? In response to this, the Pakistani NSA said that I think there is no need for debate on the obstacles of the region in front of you. India aside, unfortunately the behavior and ideology of the government there, I do not see how this peace process will proceed.

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India has called a big meeting on Afghanistan
India has called a major meeting of National Security Advisors (NSA) in Delhi in November regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Russia and Pakistan were also invited to this meeting along with many other countries. Pakistani NSA has denied attending this meeting. The meeting will be chaired by India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval.

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These countries have been invited
China, Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are also believed to have been invited to this regional conference. In this, the issues of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will be discussed. In addition, security issues will also be discussed. The world will also be made aware of the expectations from the Taliban. Sources said that the countries whose NSAs have been invited have already received invitations from India. However, the Taliban has not been invited to this conference. This meeting is proposed in the second week of November.


Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf