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Pakistan scared of India’s Sig and AK-203 rifles, will take MPT-6 from Turkey


  • Pakistan came under tension after Indian Army bought rifles from America and Russia
  • Pakistan has now reached the refuge of its master Turkey and is buying MPT-6 rifles.
  • Turkey is the largest arms supplier to Pakistan after China

After the purchase of state-of-the-art rifles from the US and Russia by the Indian Army, Pakistan’s army has come under tension. This is the reason that the Pakistani army has now reached the refuge of its master Turkey. Pakistan Army wants to buy MPT-6 rifle and its bullets from Turkey so that it can compete with India’s most deadly rifles. Turkey is the largest arms supplier to Pakistan after China.

The Government of Pakistan is in talks with Turkish state-owned ASFAT for the MPT-6 rifle. The Pakistani army has asked Turkey for this rifle and its bullets for trial. This trial will be done in Pakistan. The Turkish company has a lighter version of this MPT-76 rifle. This is what the Pakistani army wants to trial. Pakistan’s Ordnance Factory wants to manufacture 1 lakh MPT-76 assault rifles by transfer of technology.
After waiting for 15 years, soldiers posted on China-Pakistan border will get assault rifles
Pakistan’s eyes on South Africa’s Raptor rifle
It is believed that in the middle of the year 2022, there can be an agreement between Turkey and Pakistan for the rifle. Apart from this, Pakistan is also in talks with South African company Truvelo for a rifle agreement. Pakistan wants the technology of this rifle so that it can be manufactured in its own factory. The eyes of Pakistan are on the company Raptor Rifle. Turkey has also given many lethal weapons to the Pakistan Navy. It also includes warships.

After China, Turkey is probably the only country these days that is providing destructive weapons to Pakistan. Let us tell you that India has signed an agreement of state-of-the-art rifles with America and Russia. After nearly 15 years, the Indian Army has got the US-made Sig Sauer Assault Rifle. India had made an agreement of about 72,000 rifles. These rifles have now been received by the Indian Army. These are modern assault rifles. It has a 16-inch barrel and the caliber is 7.22 mm.

Agreement with Russia for the purchase of AK-203 assault rifles
India has signed an agreement with Russia for the purchase of 70000 latest AK-203 assault rifles. According to defense sources, these rifles may start arriving in the country from November this year. Both the countries are working on a big project of jointly manufacturing 6 lakh AK-203 rifles in India which is pending since 2018. This most advanced version of the AK-47 will replace the Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) assault rifle. INSAS has been in use since 1996 and problems like jamming and magazine cracks have started to arise in it at the height of the Himalayas.

One of the most advanced and deadliest rifles in the world
The Russian-made AK-203 rifle is one of the most modern and deadly rifles in the world. The AK-203 is extremely lightweight and small, making it easy to carry. It uses 7.62 mm bullets. This rifle can fire 600 bullets in a minute or 10 bullets in a second. It can be used in both automatic and semi automatic mode. It has a range of 400 meters. The total weight of this rifle given to the security forces after being fully loaded will be around 4 kg.