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Pakistan: ‘ISI chief’ the reason for the dispute between Imran Khan and the army, internal discord exposed

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Pakistan: The role of ISI is very important in whose government will be formed in Pakistan. This is the reason why every political party tries to keep the ISI together.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI chief Faiz Hameed was transferred by the army recently. This decision surprised everyone as he played a key and successful role in the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Faiz Hameed has now been made the commander of Peshawar Corps. The command of ISI is now in the hands of Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum. In Pakistan, the intelligence agency ISI chief is appointed by the Prime Minister. As per tradition, the Prime Minister exercises this power on the advice of the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan. But experts say that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is not happy with this decision.

Senior Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan told the army that he was not with the decision to replace the ISI chief. Imran Khan believes that the announcement of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed’s posting as Peshawar Corps Commander and General Nadeem Anjum as new DG ISI should come from the Prime Minister’s residence. Because according to the Constitution of Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has this right.

The release came from Rawalpindi instead of Islamabad
Sethi revealed that the press release announcing the new appointments came from Rawalpindi and not Islamabad. He said that sources say that the tension was created by Imran Khan’s stand on the matter. For this reason the notification of appointments has not been signed. The ISPR announced the transfers but there was no confirmation from the PM House and this delay was unusual. It has now emerged that this decision has led to tension between Imran Khan and the army.
The hands of the new chief of ISI are stained with the blood of Baloch, know who is Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum
Faiz Hameed reached the meeting even after the transfer
Najam Sethi claims that meetings are being held since Friday night to control the situation, but Imran Khan is adamant. The presence of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed at the meeting of the National Security Committee convened by Imran Khan was also unusual. People were surprised to see him in the meeting because his transfer orders have been issued but he attended the meeting as DG ISI. Pakistani journalists say that this type of tension often leads the army and government to a path from which no return is possible.

What is the cost of traveling to Kabul?
He said that both ISPS and PS House are silent. Some cabinet members have also come in the middle to reduce the tension but at the moment there is no difference. Faiz Hamid and Prime Minister Imran Khan share a very good relationship. Some reports are claiming that Imran could have made Hameed the army chief next year. It is being said that Army Chief Bajwa was angry with Hameed due to his visit to Kabul and friendship with Taliban without informing anyone and he had to pay the price.

Who is the new ISI Chief
The new ISI chief Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum is from the Punjab Regiment of the Pakistan Army and has served as the Karachi Corps Commander as well as the Commandant of the Command and Staff College Quetta. Anjum has conducted several operations in the restive Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is said that Nadeem has a lot of experience of war. Prior to this, Lt Gen Nadeem was the Director General of the Frontier Corps of Balochistan, Pakistan.
navbharat timesISI Chief Faiz Hamid transferred, made Peshawar Corps Commander for friendship with Taliban
The fate of the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the hands of the army
Nadeem’s subordinate officers consider him to be sharp minded and busy with work. The new ISI chief is a good listener and speaks very little. Not only this, Nadeem has also commanded the LoC with India. The army plays an important role in the formation of the government in Pakistan. It is clear from the claim of Pakistani journalist that in Pakistan, more than the Prime Minister, the army interferes in the appointments. The tenure of current Army Chief Bajwa is set to end in 2022. Even if Imran Khan saves his chair in the midst of the current tension, the fate of the next Prime Minister of Pakistan will be in the hands of the next Army Chief.


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