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Pakistan follows India’s path, will use EVM in elections, opposition rages on Imran Khan


  • EVMs will be used in the upcoming elections in Pakistan
  • Electoral reform bill passed in the joint session of Parliament, the opposition called it a dark day
  • Now Pakistani citizens will be able to vote from abroad through internet

The Parliament of Pakistan has passed a bill for the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the elections to be held in the country. There was also a fierce struggle in the Pakistani Parliament regarding this bill. The opposition parties have unitedly opposed this bill. He has termed it as a dark day in the history of Pakistan. Opposition parties have been raising questions about the use of EVMs in India as well.

Pakistanis will vote from abroad through internet
The Government of Pakistan introduced the Electoral Reform Bill (Amendment) 2021 Bill in the joint session of the Parliament. After its passage, now the way has been cleared for the use of EVMs in the upcoming elections in Pakistan. There is also a provision in this law that Pakistanis living abroad will be able to vote sitting from there through the Internet.

Opposition said – this is the black day of Pakistan
Opposition parties in Pakistan created a ruckus over the passage of this bill. Leaders of opposition parties led by PML(N) chief Shahbaz Sharif also demonstrated in Parliament. After which Shahbaz Sharif said that this day will be counted among the darkest days in the history of Parliament. At the same time, Jamaat, an Islamic party, said that this law has been passed for rigging elections and theft of votes.

Opposition’s argument – ​​Government did not have majority in Parliament
The opposition has accused the vote of rigging to get the election reform bill passed. The opposition argues that according to the rules of the National Assembly, 2007, the government needs at least 222 votes to pass any bill in a joint session. This figure is the majority of the total membership of the National Assembly and the Senate, both houses of the Pakistani Parliament. But the Pakistan government argues that the majority of the people present in that meeting is enough to pass the bill.

Shahbaz said – Election Commission has rejected EVMs
Shahbaz Sharif said that today is a dark day for Pakistan. That EVM is being brought into the country which has been rejected by the Election Commission. Not only this, how many countries of the world have stopped using it. There are only eight countries that use EVMs. We are already troubled by RTS (Result Transmission System). It has put a fake government in power in the country.