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Pakistan Flag Controversy: Pakistan team went to Bangladesh and buried its flag, now said – nothing new for us

The Pakistan team management on Thursday said that flying the country’s flag during the practice session is nothing new for them and it has started since Saqlain Mushtaq joined the team as interim head coach.

The Pakistan cricket team’s decision to raise its flag at the Mirpur ground during a practice session ahead of the three-match T20I series sparked a controversy here and many Bangladesh fans used it to celebrate the country’s independence ahead of its golden jubilee celebrations. Political move.

Pakistan Flag Controversy: Pakistan team reached Bangladesh, buried its flag on the field, created a ruckus
Talking to the media here, the media management of the Pakistan team in Bangladesh said, “This is not a new thing for us. This is part of the coaching after Saqlain Mushtaq joined the team. He believes that practicing with the flag gives more motivation to the players.

Earlier, the Pakistan Cricket Board, seeing the matter catching up, said in a clarification that for the last two months, they have been playing with the country’s flag in the ground during the team’s practice.

On this occasion, Pakistan captain Babar Azam said that his team gets a lot of support in Bangladesh. He said, ‘They support our team with their team. Whenever we go out for practice, people cheer us on seeing us in the bus. In such a situation, it is a good decision to allow 50 percent spectators to enter the field for the T20 series.