WorldPakistan denies India's statement that it was not involved in Lahore bombing

Pakistan denies India’s statement that it was not involved in Lahore bombing

Pakistan In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, LahoreThere is undeniable evidence that “India assisted and provided financial support” to the terrorist attack in Turkey.

In the statement, India The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that New Delhi was not involved in the bomb attack in Lahore was rejected and the New Delhi administration was accused of “using terror as a state policy”.

Reminding that Islamabad had previously pointed out that “New Delhi administration sponsors terrorism in Pakistan”, the intelligence agency along the border line against Pakistan to terrorist attacks It was emphasized that there was no doubt about his involvement.

In the statement, the international community was asked to hold India accountable, pointing out that the Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was captured in 2016, is an undeniable face of India’s support of terrorism in Pakistan.

Jadhav was caught in 2016

Pakistan arrested and sentenced Indian naval officer Jadhav to death in 2016 for allegedly being an Indian intelligence official who supported and financed terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi.

The International Court of Justice, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, ruled that Pakistan’s death sentence on Jadhav on 17 July 2019 should be reviewed on the grounds that it violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

3 people died, 24 people were injured

In the explosion that took place in the city of Lahore on June 23, 3 people died and 24 people were injured, one of them a police officer.

The attack took place near the home of Hafiz Mohammed Said, the founder of the banned Lashkar-e Tayyibe (LET) organization in Pakistan and the leader of the organization’s political wing, Jamaatud Dawa (JUD).

Said, who is alleged to be the person behind the attacks in 2001, 2006 and 2008 in India, was caught in Pakistan in July 2019 and was found guilty in December last year of “financing terrorism”.

India has denied Pakistan’s accusations.

On July 4, Muid Yusuf, National Security Advisor to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, blamed India for the bomb attack in Lahore.

In a statement made by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, the Islamabad administration’s claims that India was behind the bomb attack in Lahore were rejected.

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