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Pak soldiers also attacked in Panjshir? Imran’s minister was stunned when the demand for investigation arose in the US Parliament

A bill has been introduced in the US Parliament to investigate the role of Pakistan in the attack on Panjshir, Afghanistan. The bill has been introduced by 22 senators of the US Parliament. It also calls for a ban on the Taliban and all foreign governments supporting it in Afghanistan. There has been an uproar in Pakistan after the introduction of this bill in the US Parliament. Imran Khan government minister Shireen Mazari has given a strong reaction to this.

Demand for sanctions on foreign countries allies of Taliban
The bill, named ‘Afghanistan Counter Terrorism, Oversight and Accountability Act’, was introduced by Senator Jim Rish. Jimmy is also a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The proposed bill calls for a comprehensive report on those who supported the Taliban during America’s 20 years in Afghanistan. It also said that the US should identify the Taliban’s aides in the capture of Kabul and those who supported their attack on the Panjshir Valley.

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These MPs are putting pressure on the Biden administration
“We will continue to look at the serious effects of the random withdrawal of President Joe Biden’s administration from Afghanistan,” Jim Rish said after introducing the bill in the Senate. Many American civilians and Afghan allies were left in Afghanistan amid the threat of the Taliban. We face a new terrorist threat against the US, while the Taliban wrongly seek UN recognition, violating the rights of Afghan girls and women.

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The mention of these things in the bill
The bill also calls for strategies to combat terrorism, the disposal of US equipment held by the Taliban, sanctions on the Taliban and other terror groups in Afghanistan, and to combat drug trafficking and human rights abuses. Has been done. It also calls for a ban on the Taliban and on all foreign governments that support the organisation.

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US-UN appeal to not recognize Taliban envoy
The proposed bill calls for an investigation into terrorism, drug trafficking and human rights abuses against the Taliban and other allied groups in Afghanistan. Along with this, it has also been asked to impose sanctions on those who provide aid to the Taliban, including foreign governments. The bill states that the US should not recognize any member of the Taliban as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States or Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United Nations. It has also been demanded that Afghanistan should immediately ban all aid except humanitarian foreign aid.

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There was chaos in Pakistan, the minister got angry
There is displeasure in Pakistan about this new bill introduced in the US Parliament. Human rights minister in the Imran Khan government Shireen Mazari said Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price for once again being an ally of the US in the “war on terror”. He alleged that the economically and militarily powerful US and NATO left Afghanistan in chaos without a stable regime. He claimed that Pakistan is now being made a scapegoat for this failure.

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Repeated rote dialogues of Imran Khan
Shireen Mazari reiterates Imran Khan’s rote dialogue saying that this was never our war. Our 80 thousand people died in this war. Our economy suffered. Our American ally has targeted our tribal areas and people in more than 450 drone strikes. He also asked the US Senate to conduct a serious introspection.

Imran Khan Shirin Mazari

Imran Khan and Shireen Mazari