WorldOut of every 100 batches of products inspected last year, about 6...

Out of every 100 batches of products inspected last year, about 6 were found to be unsuitable and 1 unsafe.

Ministry of Commerce Within the scope of market surveillance and inspection activities carried out by 9 separate organizations under the coordination of the company, 187,127 lots of products were inspected last year, 10,480 of these products were found to be inappropriate and 1335 of them unsafe.

In addition to its general coordination role, the Ministry inspects many consumer products such as textiles, shoes, stationery, child care products, toys and detergents.

In addition to the protection of human health and safety with the inspections carried out throughout the country, the producers who comply with the rules are prevented from being exposed to unfair competition.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, in this context, a total of 187,127 batches of products were inspected in 2020. Of these, 10,480 were found inappropriate and 1335 unsafe. The rate of parties found unsafe was 5.6 percent, and the rate of those found unsafe was approximately 1 percent.

The most inspected product groups last year were foodstuffs and food contact materials and materials, chemical and organic fertilizers, biocidal products, feed and feed raw materials, electrical equipment, elevators, ready mixed concrete, petroleum and LPG products, machinery and prepackaging. it happened.

Imported products constituted 23 percent of the products found to be unsuitable and 11 percent of the products found unsafe.

Products that were found to be unsafe in the inspections carried out with the principle of “zero tolerance for unsafe products” were recalled from the market and administrative sanctions were imposed on the operators.

Unsafe products are shared with the public

The products in question are shared with the public at the address “” through the Insecure Product Information System (GÜBIS) commissioned by the Ministry on September 3, 2018.

In GUBIS, unsafe products identified by other ministries responsible for market control and surveillance activities are also announced. Through the system, consumers can access information, photos and information about economic operators of products that are deemed unsafe. It has been determined that more than 2 million consumers have visited GUBIS to date, and especially women and individuals with children closely monitor the system.

The information in the system can also be shared by consumers through social media.

In GUBIS, there are a total of 348 notifications regarding products such as toys, stationery products, personal protective equipment, masks, cosmetics and mobile phones that are frequently used in daily life.

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