Our country has been ruined, our freedom has been snatched away... the...

Our country has been ruined, our freedom has been snatched away… the Afghan student started crying saying this

Afghan students look very disappointed and desperate

Afghanistan is ruined. The Taliban have captured it. The condition of the country has become pathetic. People are running away from their country out of fear. But the question is arising that where will so many people leave? According to a report by the World Bank, the population of Afghanistan is 30 million. All these people have come under the possession of Talibanis. The residents there are worried about the future. 25 to 30 thousand people of Afghanistan live in India. Thousands of students in India also study with the help of scholarships. The degree of many students is also nearing completion, so they are worried about how to go to Afghanistan. NDTV spoke to the students of Afghanistan on this issue.

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During the conversation, the students told that Afghanistan is ruined. Freedom here has been taken away. Whatever development happened in 20 years is over now. We have seen the Taliban regime, it commits atrocities. Our lives are in the dark. Faheem (name changed) is telling. that we have become hopeless. We have Indian degree, Taliban hates India. Because of this our degree has no value. Afghan students do not like Taliban at all. Afghan students like us are trying to stay in India, but diplomatic problems are coming. Internet service was shut down in Afghanistan after the capture of Taliban, but now it is the same. Our family is in Afghanistan. We are worried about them and they are also worrying about us. We are mentally disturbed. There is no way left for us. We have to go to Afghanistan.

While talking to NDTV, the Afghan students seemed very disappointed and desperate. In the conversation, the student told that Indian students are supporting us a lot. They are trying to find a way out for us, but can’t. The editor of LongWarJournal informed through a tweet that the Taliban have captured 25 out of 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

However, for students like Faheem, voice is also being raised from India’s side. People are appealing to the Indian government through social media that Afghanistan needs help. History will always remember us if we help in time.


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