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Osman Şahin, the new transfer of Hatayspor, believes that he will reach his goals in the Mediterranean team

23-year-old left wing player Osman Şahin, transferred by Hatayspor from TFF 3rd League team Ofspor, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the team is preparing for the new season at the High Altitude Camp Center on the skirts of Erzurum’s Palandöken Mountain. He reminded me that he started his life.

Expressing that he thought he could not continue his career in Erzurum at that time, Şahin said, “Erzurum was a turning point for me. I took my first professional step with Mehmet Altıparmak. Then I started to be sent on loan all the time. When this became permanent, I decided to leave Erzurum.” he said.

“I will wear the jersey to the last drop of my sweat”

Stating that he went to Ofspor last season and had a good season there, Şahin said:

“Therefore, a lot of teams wanted me. I came to Hatayspor, thinking that it was a forward-looking team and that it would be a turning point for me, having achieved a very good success last season. There is a structure here for the youth. That’s why I chose this place. A big part of my coming to Hatayspor is because of Ömer Erdoğan. Because he is also young and has achieved a great success last season. He is a teacher that I think will be very useful in my career and development. It is a great honor for me to wear the jersey of this team. It will be something exciting. I will try to do my best in Hatayspor, I will wear the jersey until the last drop of my sweat.”

Reminding that he played in two matches in his career in the Super League, Şahin expressed that he wanted to help coach Ömer Erdoğan by playing as much as he could this season.

Stating that he was very excited to play in the Super League at a young age, Şahin said, “After all, we have a lot of friends who come and play here from the lower leagues. I think I will play here, too. My biggest goal is to play in Hatayspor right now. I hope this jersey is the best way. I want to not be ashamed of our president and teacher.” he said.

“We will watch a better Hatayspor this year too”

Stating that Hatayspor’s front trio was very good last season, Şahin used the following statements:

“Hopefully, we will watch a better Hatayspor this year as well. Actually, I started scoring goals from last season. I hope to continue here as well. It will be a special pleasure for me to score goals here. After scoring a goal here, you open your way. After all, I think I can play in the team. A new blood will be good, because we are young. I think that the young people are more fond of the interests of the team and that more young people will work for this jersey. I hope we will be good for Hatayspor and we will act in the interests of the team.”

Mentioning that there is a nice family atmosphere in the team, Şahin added that they worked well in the camp both physically and mentally and that they would reap the benefits during the season.

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