Ordered iPhone 12 on Amazon, Rs 5 coin and dish soap came...

Ordered iPhone 12 on Amazon, Rs 5 coin and dish soap came out on opening the packet

Ordered iPhone 12 on Amazon, 5 rupees coin and soap came out on opening the packet

A person from Kerala who had ordered an iPhone 12 from Amazon, got a dish soap and a coin in return, which he was surprised to see. Aluva native Noorul Amin had placed the smartphone order on October 12, paying ₹70,900 for it using his Amazon Pay card. According to the New Indian Express, he received his order on October 15.

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However, Amin was suspicious as the package was held up for a day in Salem after it was dispatched from Hyderabad. A regular Amazon customer, he knew that most packages arrived from Hyderabad to Kochi in two days, but his iPhone 12 order took three days. Aware of the increasing fraud cases, he opened the box in front of Amazon delivery partner and also shot its video.

The NRI was shocked to see that his box contained a bar of Vim soap and ₹5 coin instead of the iPhone 12 ordered by him. The items felt like the weight of an iPhone, he told Mathrubhumi.

Nurul Amin immediately called up Amazon customer care and lodged a police complaint. The Cyber ​​Police Station after starting the investigation came to know that someone in Jharkhand had used an iPhone since September 25. The phone that Amin had booked 15 days ago.

“We contacted Amazon officials and the Telangana-based seller. The phone is being used in Jharkhand since September 25 this year, even though the order was placed in October. When we contacted the seller, an official of the investigation team said When done, they said that the phone was out of stock and the amount paid by Noorul would be refunded.”

In a Facebook post, Kerala Police said that the seller returned the money to Amin. The amount was deposited in his account on Thursday 22 October, but the investigation of the matter is going on.