EntertainmentOrange called to tell me she was pregnant and scared Erik completely

Orange called to tell me she was pregnant and scared Erik completely

Erik and Orange are the muddy best friends of Vietnamese showbiz. Both were born in 1997 and are outstanding fighters on the show The Heroes. While Erik is a famous singer with a series of hits such as: After all, Hit the bottom of the pain, You’re not wrong, we’re wrong… then Orange also pocketed hit hits like Milk tea, Stranger, Sincerely,
Sharing about Erik, Orange revealed that the male singer is easy-going, kind but also extremely intelligent. Therefore, when accepting the challenge of trolling Erik from the newspaper audience, Youth, Orange couldn’t help but be confused because his best friend is not easy to fool. However, after receiving suggestions, she boldly “played big” pretending to be pregnant to ask Erik’s opinion.
Receiving an unexpected and completely unprepared phone call, Erik was stunned by his best friend and stammered: “Pregnant with whom? Then, what are you going to do?”, “What’s wrong with you, you just released that MV”. What will this call be like? How will Erik react when he learns it’s all Orange’s script? For details, please watch the video!


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