IndiaOpposition Leader: There will be no one like Satheesan and Chennithala: Hibi

Opposition Leader: There will be no one like Satheesan and Chennithala: Hibi


  • The two are the two closest leaders
  • Tried to reach a consensus until the last day
  • Problems will be fixed

Kochi: When Ramesh Chennithala and Vidy Satheesan came on the scene to become the Leader of the Opposition, Congress leader Hibi Eden said that there would be no one as difficult as him. He said in an interview with Malayala Manorama that these are two leaders who are closest to him.

Hibi opened his mind to the question of whether the problems in the I Group in connection with the election of the Leader of the Opposition were personally affected. Chennithala was close to his father, who became KSU president when he was KPCC president. VD Satheesan and himself are from the same district and he is like an elder brother. Hibi Eden says he and Anwar Sadat worked together when the two tried to become opposition leaders.

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Until the very last day, he and Anwar Sadat tried to reach a consensus. But unfortunately no consensus was formed. Hibi Eden says she still thinks things should not have gone that way. He wanted VD Satheesan and Hibi Eden to take the same stand. He expected an approach that was supportive of one another. He added that he had worked till the end but could not.

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Hibi Eden said that if there are any problems between VD Satheesan and Chennithala, they are 100% confident that it will be resolved today or tomorrow. He added that the important need of the party was for them to go together and that they had already resolved all the issues between them.

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