World'Open Door Day' event held at mosques in Germany

‘Open Door Day’ event held at mosques in Germany

To the Turkish-Islamic Union of Religious Affairs (DITIBBoth Muslims and non-Muslims, especially in metropolitan cities, showed great interest in the mosques affiliated to the .

Guests coming to Cologne Central Mosque within DITIB Headquarters mosque and Islam received information about

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), DITIB Chairman Kazım Türkmen said that the “Open Door Day” events, which they officially celebrated their 25th anniversary, actually date back to much earlier years.

Turkmen said, “This year is both the 25th anniversary of open mosque days in Germany, and our grandfathers as workers. GermanyThe 60th anniversary of his arrival in Turkey was united this year. In this respect, we want to explain the mosques from the past to the present, both in terms of architecture and in terms of their contribution to the society, and to organize events throughout the year. Even though we came here as guest workers, we have become centers where we convey our religion, language and culture to our generation here, with our children we educate all over Germany, the activities we do in our mosques and social activities.”

Pointing out that mosques have become places where both weddings and funerals are held, Türkmen said, “If our generation lives with self-confidence, religion, language and culture in Germany today, these mosques have become the most important centers of this. They have turned into large complexes from small dormitories. I praise and thank our elders, our first generation.” used his statements.

One of the mosque visitors, Alen Talenenier, stated that he had some knowledge about the mosque beforehand, but was a little surprised when he saw the magnificence of the interior of this mosque. I was surprised, it was designed and painted according to the taste of the congregation. I found this image very pleasing.” used the phrase.

In the event, Cologne Metropolitan Mayor Henriette Reker also made a speech and emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity.

Germans in Berlin informed about Islam

In Berlin, the capital of Germany, an open door day was held in mosques, especially the Martyrdom Mosque.

The Germans who visited the Şehitlik Mosque were informed about the mosque and Islam by the religious officer of the mosque, Yakup Ayar.

On the Open Door Day, held for the 25th time this year, a photography exhibition about the mosque was opened and tastes from Turkish cuisine were presented.

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