TechnologyOnline registry, Potti (Fondazione Comunica): "It's just a piece"

Online registry, Potti (Fondazione Comunica): “It’s just a piece”

From today they can also be obtained in Italy 14 personal certificates online and “it’s an important project” in the Italian path of the digital transition and “which certainly brings citizens closer to the digital world and its advantages and services” but “it has to be made a simple, ‘user friendly’ process” and it should be noted that “it is only a piece to fill the many gaps we still have”. Underlining this in a conversation with Adnkronos is Gianni Potti, president of Fondazione Comunica and founder of Digitale Meet, the largest Italian festival on digital literacy for citizens and businesses. The hope of Potti, entrepreneur and also president of the Cnct-National Territorial Coordination Committee of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, is that the online registry certificates are “a piece” of a more complex process that will lead Italy “also to move up the slope of the Desi index” which sees us in 2021 in 20th place in Europe for digitization. “These online registry certificates” can also give “a sign of modernity to the country” but Potti notes that “it will not be easy to introduce this habit into the lives of Italians because in Italy there are no digital skills, we are still digitally ‘illiterate’ “.

In the digital transformation of citizens and public administration “Italy is patchy” and, on the digital skills front, online registry certificates represent “an operation that we have been waiting for a long time but it is a technological operation: it takes the man who governs the vehicle and we all have to do digital training “in a country where” digital skills are lacking “says Potti.” I have been touring Italy for years and the North is not always better than the South or the Center: the situation “in terms of digital skills and digitization” is patchy in our country, as is the case with ultra-broadband “, the entrepreneur reiterates.

“I want to think that this certificate is a turning point but it takes many more, starting with digital skills that are strategic, from support over time to the Industry 4.0 program and up to the need to realize a “network to coordinate territorial policies between municipalities, chambers of commerce, science parks” finally underlines Potti convinced that today we are witnessing an “important but important project is also explaining to people how to access online services and accompany them on how to do it” to consolidate the digital transformation. (by Andreana d’Aquino)