WorldOne of the architects of the Iraq war, former US Land Forces...

One of the architects of the Iraq war, former US Land Forces Commander Odierno died of cancer

USA According to the news in the press, the one who commanded the American soldiers in the Iraq War, Odierno died due to cancer.

Odierno, who was the commander of the unit that put a sack on the head of the Turkish soldiers in Iraq in 2003, spoke to the Turkish public as “sack generalwas known as “

Odierno, who served three times in Iraq, also commanded the 4th Infantry Division, which broke down the doors of the houses, dragged Iraqis from their homes and dragged them through the streets, resorted to harsh methods and transferred the detainees to Abu Ghraib Prison.

Abu Ghraib Prison came to the fore with the torture and rape of detainees by US soldiers after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

When Saddam Hussein, the ousted Iraqi leader, was captured, Odierno said, “He was at the bottom of a hole he couldn’t resist. He was caught like a rat.” He used his words.

. (HAS) is published on the Anadolu Agency website, in summary. ..


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