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On this Day In 1948: This ‘great record’ of Test is unbroken for 73 years, was more thrill than ODI and T20


  • This happened for the first time in the 144-year history of Test cricket.
  • England needed 1 run to win on the last ball
  • This kind of thrill is rarely seen in Tests.

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Test cricket has its own fun. In order to maintain the oldest format of this game, the apex body of cricket ICC has also taken many steps. At present, Day Night Test matches are also being organized so that the interest of the audience remains in red ball cricket.

But do you know that exactly 73 years ago i.e. in 1948, a test match was played in which the result came out on the last ball. You can also connect this test with T20 and ODI, because the thrill of limited overs cricket was seen in this test match.

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It was the only Test match in the history of 144 years in which the decision of defeat or victory came on the last ball. This test match was played between England and South Africa in the year 1948 in Durban. However, the result of this test came on 20 December.

In that test match, South Africa won the toss and decided to bat first. South African team was all out for 161 runs. In response, England scored 253 runs in the first innings on the basis of half-centuries from Len Hutton and Dennis Compton.

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The visiting English team got a 92-run lead in the first innings. On the other hand, the South African team playing at home could not score a big score even in the second innings, their entire team was bundled out for 219 runs.

Now England had a target of 128 runs. The target was not a big one but England lost their sweat in achieving it. At one point England’s team had lost 8 wickets for 116 runs. England now needed 12 runs to win from here while Alec Bedser and Cliff Gladwin were at the crease.

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At that time an over was of 8 balls. Now in the last over, England needed 8 runs to win with two wickets remaining. Lindsay Tuckett came in to bowl for South Africa. On the sixth ball of the last over, Bedsar leveled the score by stealing a single.

On the seventh ball, Gladwin tried his best to play the shot but the ball did not hit his bat. Now off the last ball, England needed one run to win. On the last ball of Tuckett, Gladwin swung the bat with full force but the ball hit his thigh. Despite this, Gladwin nodded and ran for a run. By the time the host fielder picked up the ball, a run had been completed. In this way, England won this exciting Test by 2 wickets.