IndiaOmicron in Kerala too, so what? Virologists say you need a...

Omicron in Kerala too, so what? Virologists say you need a booster dose to fight it


  • Experts recommend booster dose
  • The World Health Organization says contagion is high
  • In Kerala, the disease was confirmed in Ernakulam

Kochi: The state is on high alert after Covid 19 Omikron was confirmed for a passenger from the UK. The state health department aims to capture the new variant of Covid by monitoring and ensuring treatment for the passengers who accompanied him. The decision has been taken to screen all those sitting in the next seats of the Ernakulam resident who has been diagnosed with the disease for the eighth day today.

The World Health Organization says the Omicron variant is more contagious than the Delta variant. The World Health Organization estimates that the new variant may be more resistant to the vaccine. At the same time, it is reported that the symptoms of omicron may be less. Further studies in this regard are ongoing. The Omicron variant, which was confirmed in South Africa last month, has already been confirmed in 63 countries.

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Senior virologists in the country are of the opinion that the government should be prepared to distribute booster dosages to combat the Omicron variant. They demanded that the Central Government take immediate action in this regard and immediately vaccinate those at risk of contracting the disease. “Even if you take two doses of the vaccine, your immune system will be weakened within six months and you should not hesitate to give an extra dose,” said a veterinarian from Vellore. Says T Jacob John. The former head of Inzacog said that giving a booster dose would significantly boost the body’s immune system. Shahid Jameel also pointed out. He also suggested that those with weakened immune systems should be given a booster dose first.

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Meanwhile, US epidemiologist Anthony Fouchi and others have suggested that a booster dose of the vaccine may be needed to effectively combat the omicron variant. He told a news channel that in addition to the two-dose vaccine, a single-dose booster-dose vaccine would provide better protection against Covid. However, the US government has not yet made that decision. The U.S. government counts those who receive two doses of either the Fizer or Modana vaccine or the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine as having received the full-dose vaccine. Although the vaccine provides adequate immunity against Covid, statistics show that booster dose vaccination may improve immunity.

Wealthy countries are buying vaccines for booster doses out of concern that the Omicron variant may outperform the vaccine. Pfizer vaccine’s booster iodos have already been approved by the US for 16- to 17-year-olds and the UK for those over 30.

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