IndiaOmicron in full form with community transmission, how much danger has increased,...

Omicron in full form with community transmission, how much danger has increased, know everything


  • Risk of infection from Omicron without going abroad, without coming in contact with outsiders
  • On December 2, the first case of Omicron was found in the country, the speed caught in 7 weeks.
  • The risk of being hit by Omicron increased in metros like Mumbai-Delhi: INSACOG
  • Most cases of Omicron are without symptoms, but hospitalizations increase.

New Delhi : Omicron has now reached the ‘Community Transmission Stage of Omicron In India’ in India. Due to this the number of people admitted to hospitals and ICU has increased. The report said that there has been community spread in cities like Delhi and Mumbai and there is a possibility of cases coming up rapidly here. INSACOG said there was no change in the threat level. That is, there is as much danger from the Omicron variant as there is from the rest of the variants of Covid. INSACOG, a genomics consortium under the central government, has said this in its latest bulletin. Interestingly, the Ministry of Health has not used the term ‘community transmission’ since 2020. INSACOG was launched by the Ministry of Health and Biotechnology in association with CSIR and ICMR.

During the second wave caused by the delta, the central government’s stand was that the virus did not spread uniformly across the country. The Pandemic was spreading in different patterns in different places, the Center said. According to WHO, community transmission is the stage when a large number of infections spread at the local level and its transmission chain is not found. Meaning where the infection came from, it is not clear.

Not outside, now danger from inside
INSACOG reported in the latest bulletin that most Omicron cases so far have been asymptomatic or mild. Hospitalization and ICU cases have increased in the current wave. It has also been told that the infectious sub-variant BA2 of Omicron has also been found in the country. It was also told that now instead of those infected from outside, cases of internal infection will come to the fore. It was also said that in order to avoid community spread of Omicron variants, vaccination is the main weapon apart from covid behaviour, mask, sanitization.

Third wave: The surge in cases slowed down

First study of its kind in the country
Let us tell you that this is the first study of its kind in India, which has been done on Omicron’s community transmission. In this, the data of genome sequencing of infected people has been studied, which includes five districts of Delhi, South Delhi, Southeast Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi. These figures are from November 25 to December 23.

The R value, which tells the speed of Corona, also decreased in the second week
The news of relief in the pandemic comes from an analysis by IIT Madras. According to this, the ‘R’ value, which shows the speed of infection, has fallen for the second consecutive week in the country. In the week of January 14 to 21, it came down to 1.57. At the same time, between January 7 and 13, it was 2.2. The lower this value, the less speed the corona will spread. A drop below 1 of this rate means a weakening of the Pandemic. Mumbai’s R-value is 0.67 and Delhi’s is 0.98.

less than 10 thousand cases in delhi after 19 days
After 19 days in Delhi, less than 10 thousand corona patients were found. There were 9,197 cases on Sunday. There were more new patients recovering for the 8th consecutive day. On Sunday, 13,510 patients were cured. There were 34 deaths in 24 hours, which is the lowest in 6 days. The positivity rate also came down to 13.32% which is the lowest in 18 days. On January 13 itself, there were a record 28,867 cases of corona in Delhi. Since then the cases have been decreasing continuously. Experts say that in a week, Corona will be largely under control in Delhi.


Omicron’s community spread in the country: INSACOG