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Omicron Death Cases: First death from Omicron in Britain, PM Boris Johnson’s warning – people should not take the danger lightly


  • First death from Omicron in Britain, revealed by PM Boris Johnson
  • Omicron variant increases the number of people hospitalized in the UK
  • Start of applying booster dose to people above 30 years of age

The first death has occurred in Britain from a new variant of the corona virus, Omicron. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the first death from Omicron, saying that this new strain is taking a large number of people to the hospital. Appealing to the people, he said that people above 30 years of age must get a booster dose of corona vaccine. Contrary to the claims of South African doctors, he warned that people should not take Omicron’s danger lightly.

Omicron increased the speed of infection
Speaking during a visit to a vaccination clinic in Paddington, West London, PM Johnson said it was sad that Omicron has increased the number of people hospitalized. He also said that one patient in the UK has been confirmed to have died from Omicron.

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Work on giving booster doses started in Britain
In Britain, the work of giving booster doses of Covid vaccine to people above 30 years of age has started from Monday. UK health officials said that this is one of the steps taken to control the fast-spreading corona virus in the country. England’s National Health Service (NHS) said there are 7.5 million people aged 30 to 39 in the country, of whom 3.5 million are eligible for a booster dose from Monday.

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Omicron may overtake Delta in terms of infection
No one has died of this form in the UK so far, but experts have warned that the Omicron variant could overtake the delta variant in terms of spread of infection by the end of this year. UK Health Minister Sajid Javed said the COVID-19 booster program is being accelerated and 22 million people in the UK have already taken a booster dose and received extended protection before Christmas.

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Omicron predicts devastation in Britain
According to the report of DailyMail, Omicron is spreading rapidly in the UK and in the next two weeks it may see an even more terrifying form. The UK’s Health Protection Agency has issued a warning saying that by the end of this month, cases of infection could reach 1 million.

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Booster dose effective against Omicron
Fortunately, a booster dose of the vaccine has shown effectiveness against Omicron, but millions of people who have not yet received the third dose are at risk of infection. Government scientists compared 581 cases of Omicron in the UK to 56,000 cases in Delta to get an initial estimate of how well the vaccines protect against the new variants.

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First death from Omicron variant in UK